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Protect your organization against identity fraud

Protect your business and your customers with a comprehensive identity authentication and fraud prevention solution, PALIDIN.

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What our Clients Say

Peoples Alliance Federal Credit Union
People's Alliance Federal Credit Union 

“On the first day PALIDIN was implemented, a suspect attempting to withdraw $3,000 from a Shared Branching member account - and also trying to initiate a new HELOC loan application in the amount of $43,000 - was foiled when the authentication of his state-issued driver’s license came back as “failed”.  $46,000 of potential loss prevented on the first day of use!!”

Fletcher Jones Motorcars

“Fletcher Jones implemented the FraudFighter PALIDIN solution as part of a program to halt fraudulent auto loans being generated in our 14 luxury auto brand dealerships.  Every time a customer wants to test drive a car, we authenticate their driver license. We also require that the PALIDIN authentication report be included in the “deal jacket’ submitted to the underwriting department – failure to do so results in the financing deal being automatically rejected.  
Since the PALIDIN program has been implemented, we are not aware of any vehicles being lost due to identity theft-related fraud.”

Coffin & Trout Fine Jewellers

Coffin & Trout Fine Jewellers

“The Fraud Fighter ID scanner just saved us a $22,000 loss.  We had a bad feeling about this guy so we scanned his DL and it was fraudulent.  That made it very easy to tell him we wouldn’t take his credit card or do the sale.  When our guard followed him out of the store to catch his license plate he decided to run across the major 6-lane road to get away. “